So what's this about?

I'm glad you asked.

Now, I'm somewhat of an incurable besserwisser meaning I point out things like 'tomato is a fruit' much to the general disagreement of everyone else. I wanted to settle this conflict once and for all and doing so in a more jovial manner, that is, to make a game of it.

You may have seen the we page Ikea Or Death which allows you to pick if certain names are names of Metal Bands or Ikea furniture. Well, this site does the exact same thing but with fruits and vegetables.

What about the tomato though?
Fair point. It is a fruit... botanically speaking. However, many times it's classified as a vegetable simply because it is eaten as such. Organically it has the same parts as a fruit, as do a lot of other supposed vegetables but since we use them in a certain manner, for tax reasons primarily, they've been judged to be counted as vegetables. Tricky one innit.

Still don't believe me? Check out:
Oxforddictionaries or Depends on how you slice it